Creating a custom web page for Yún

Hey guys,

I’ve been burring through the forum and searching online but can’t seem to find neither what I’m looking for nor the context of
where I should be looking.
I’m trying to eventually have a web page where it will be connected to a script to run on the Linino. The script is to fetch the count of unread Gmails I have. Now I’ve found a script that works well on my Mac: wget -q -O - --http-password=mypassword --no-check-certificate | grep fullcount | sed 's/<[^0-9]*>//g'.

Now let’s break it into steps, what should I start by creating? Sketch, script or web page?

  1. For the web page how do you go around creating one so I can access it from the browser with the url?
  2. Do I create input tags with PUT requests to store the data in a file?
  3. Do I write a script to read that file and replace the username & password in the script I provided before?

Sorry for the mess, it’s been a couple of days now I’m trying to get this to show signs of success but I can’t.