Creating a game


I’m trying to create a game using the 4 Digit 7 Segment display. The game goes as follows:

Each digit will be increasing at different speeds. First being the slowest and last being the fastest.

The person will have to press the button when the certain number is reached, then move to the next digit. And must stop all digits at a certain number (eg. 2458).

Is this possible? I just can’t think of a way of knowing the number that is showing when the button is pressed. Can someone guide me please?


Yes it is possible.

you just generate an array of 4 digits that reflect the behaviour you want.
update index 0 e.g. every second
update index 1 e.g. every 0.5 second
and so on

updat the 7 seg after every update.

Have you allready mastered displaying numbers on the 7 sement display?
Can you post that code?