Creating a IR repeater?

So I have many IR remotes as many of you may also have, and also not always in a position for the proper angle for consistant functionality. Anyway I have seen IR repeaters for about 100 to like ~300 dollars! I dont have that kinda of money anymore. I have an idea of how they (should) work; receive the initial remote signal/code then just repeats it to the device.

But I dont really have a clue where to start or how to read the IR code from the remote. Well I know i will need IR diodes(LEDs) but what I dont know is what the code is or how it works or how to read it? I have an Arduino and will use that or really anything to get what i want to work.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

If everything is directional enough and not too sensitive to reflections, you could (more or less) wire the output of the receiver phototransistor/detector to the transmitter LED(s). As long as you don't have a feedback issue, there isn't really a need for an Arduino or any other sort of "intelligent" controller in the circuit.

I can see that...I think. I am not much of an electrical person, mechanical yes, but electrical things i just dont click with. but if i understand correctly the detector will 'detect' then just pass thru the signal/code to the emitter which will continue on, hopefully to the units receiver. thats makes sense, I'll give it or something like it a shot. thanks

Anyway I have seen IR repeaters for about 100 to like ~300 dollars!

That is quite a lot! I got one in my livingroom what was about 15$

Maybe you looked at the IR > RF > IR ones? Where there are a wireless link between the two stations? I just modified the 2m wire on mine to be 20m instead, and was even able to put the ir diode inside the stuff that it was repeating to, and i also ripped the reciever out, and pounted inside my center speaker behind the fabric, so it is completely invisible. :)