Creating a PC based GUI for Arduino

I want to create a PC Graphic user interface so as to serially communicate with an Arduino. The GUI would consist of a "SLIDER" which would give values ranging from 0 to 255. According to the current slider value, certain pins on the Arduino would be updated. There would be another slider which would be the same but its range would be 0 to 63.

I know C++. But I have no prior experience of creating a PC GUI. I want to create an executable setup file which would run on windows platform.

Please HELP!

Not sure what the current versions of Visual Studio are doing, but their use to be these things called Windows Forms Applications that one could write in Visual C++ Express. It was so easy to write that at the dawn of the Internet, you had every computer hobbyist writing some small GUI application that did any number of things...




A simple Python implementation of your user interface. This doesn’t include initializing and sending the data over serial, but it’s all the GUI stuff as shown:

# !/usr/bin/python3
import tkinter as tk

def sel():
   selection = "Value1 = " + str(var1.get()) + " Value2 = " + str(var2.get())
   label.config(text = selection)
   # Insert code to send over serial here

root = tk.Tk()
var1 = tk.IntVar()
scale1 = tk.Scale( root, orient = tk.HORIZONTAL, to = 255, variable = var1 )
scale1.pack(anchor = tk.CENTER)

var2 = tk.IntVar()
scale2 = tk.Scale( root, orient = tk.HORIZONTAL, to = 63, variable = var2 )
scale2.pack(anchor = tk.CENTER)

button = tk.Button(root, text = "Send to Serial", command = sel)
button.pack(anchor = tk.CENTER)

label = tk.Label(root)



Have you tried Processing? It comes with an Arduino library for easy access to Arduino I/O pins and functions.