Creating a reference file for constant variables

Hi All,

I'm working on a project that uses a lot of different variables that define the addresses on a flash chip that certain parameters are stored. I have three separate sketches that need to reference this same code, and need to all simultaneously update as I re-define the addresses on the chip. So I was thinking of having a separate file that I can update once, that will be referenced by all of the different sketches.

I know very little about creating libraries, but it seems like libraries are made more for creating functions and returning values. So how would I go about just making references to constant variables? What kind of file should I use, .cpp and .h files?

Any help is greatly appreciated!



Never mind, I figured it out. I created a .cpp with all of the int variables to reference, a .h header file that declares all the variable as global ( "extern int variableX" ... I was missing the "extern" part before, which is why it wasn't working) and referenced the separate files from the sketch... now everything works properly and references the variables.

Thanks anyways!