Creating a shortcut for my sketch


How can I create a shortcut for my sketch that will open and execute it by simple double click without the need to open it from Processing? When I try to create a shortcut and double click on it windows will say don't know the program to open it. I don't know how to stablish the link there. Please help,

Thanks, Adrian

What version of Windows? On Win7, 64 bit, creating a link so that an extension starts a 32 bit application does not work for shit. The Arduino IDE is a 32 bit application, even on 64 bit systems.

I have win (7) 64bit; but I'm talking about the Processing sketch not the Arduino one. Can I do it for the Processing sketch? Thanks, Adrian

Fire up Task Manager. Then, fire up Processing. Watch task manager as Processing starts. Notice that processing.exe*32 appears. Then, after a while it disappears, to be replaced by javaw.exe*32.

Both are 32 bit applications running on a 64 bit OS. I have not been successful at making a persistent connection between an extension and a 32 bit application on Win7 64 bit.

Ok. Thanks.

If you find ou tplease let me know.

So far it tries to open; but windows is complaining it does not know the program that opens the shorcut and suggest finding it online or browse for it.

I remember I had the same issue when working with gobetwino and I solved the problem by changing the extension of the small basic file I was trying to open from to .exe.

Furthermore if I open a new blank sketch in Processing and create a shorcut for it, when double click it, it will run and open the small window for the processing sketch. I guess then there should be a way to do it. I’ll dig in the Processing Forums…

Yes it can be done. File-Export Application. then send the win 32 icon to the desktop (create shortcut) and it works. Thanks,