Creating a smaller Due with on-board sensors

Hello all!

I am trying to create a smaller, leaner Due that has a lot more on-board sensors, such as temp sensor, etc.
Where I am stuck is that I don’t know what I can remove from the Due and what is required to have the bare bones functionality.

I have attached a picture of some of the areas that I am not sure that I need. I looked at grey nomad’s pin out but it doesn’t tell me which resistors,caps, etc., I would need to keep and which I could eliminate.

I want to keep all digital and analgo I/O’s, but I don’t need any TX / RX I/O. I don’t need SPI or any other type of communication except the SCL and SDA (these are internal anyway) lines that will talk to all the 3.3V sensors I will place on the board.

I will want to program though USB.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated, especially identification of the functionality of the boxed components!



You’ve circled all the circuitry that operates the ‘programming’ USB but not the actual USB connector. If you want to use the programming USB function then you need those circuits.

You’ve circled the power supplies on the right-hand side. If you have an external 3.3v supply then you don’t need those elements.

You’ve also circled the SPI header. If you take that off as well as the other things then it’s not really an Arduino any more. It’s more like a custom board which can be programmed with the Arduino IDE. That’s not a bad thing but I think you’ll find that unless you have a very specific limited purpose, you do need to use 90% of the stuff on the standard board.

Maybe you should start from the other end and begin with a totally minimal design, then add what you want.

Have a look at these projects for starters


Thank for the advice. After looking around this forum I came to the same conclusion - start from a minimalist design and add what I need.