Creating a software with processing for a drawing glove

Hi all,

I am doing a project regarding interface and trying to investigate and alternative to the mouse and keyboard in the way we control interfaces. At the moment I have made a glove with a lilypad arduino and 3 flex sensors and a 3 axis accelerometer which was to manipulate a cube in rhino 3d program. Bending the respective finger/bend sensor and moving the hand left of right would extrude the shape via X Y or Z axis, and 3 flex sensors bent allowed the user to move the shape. However the problem with this is that I was creating a glove to be used in a software that is specifically made for keyboard and mouse.

I would like to create another glove, but instead try to make my own software through processing, it is an investigation on what our interfaces look like if the keyboard and mouse did not exist and we and to use hand gestures instead. I think the closest example that I'm trying to achieve would be rhonda forever drawing tool.

Concept 1:

I'm thinking of using the wiiremote that tracks an IR led on the index finger, allowing the finger movement to draw on the screen. It is all conceptual right now, but for example, when the middle fingertip touches the thumb tip, it would turn the IR on. releasing would turn it off so you could stop drawing.

Concept 2:

Perhaps instead of a drawing tool, I would be able to produce 3d shapes like a cube by dragging/holding the glove and pulling up to extrude.

I am hoping to get responses on the feasibility, my processing skills are low, which means I probably want to start with something simple. In any case, I need to make a new glove so ideas on how I could research this would be very helpful.

As for the software, I really just want to achieve an object/shape manipulator and camera control in 3d space with this glove.

rhonda forever drawing tool

Feasable ? yes - Arduino for IO, Processing for visualization -
Complexity? high - brush up your math ...