Creating a timelapse starter and stopper (GoPro Timelapse)

Would it be possible to build or create an Arduino controlled relay which takes the time and compares it to the time in which the time-lapse is set to start. Would it also be possible to make this control a relay. (This relay would be connected to a GoPro 'BUS' which would turn on the camera and start it recording on its own.

I'm fairly new to arduino's so this is probably possible, but i have no idea how!

Any Idea's?

Thanks; Elliot Leech

PS: It would be easier to use a plug timer socket but i was thinking of a portable option.

An Arduino should be easily able to do what you want.

If you need to set things by time-of-day you will need a Real Time Clock (RTC) module.

You will also find plenty of advice about how to control a relay with an Arduino.

A "mechanical" relay will need more current than an Arduino I/O pin can provide so you will need a transistor to interface the Arduino to the relay. Or you can get solid-state-relays that can be directly controlled by the Arduino.


Ok, I'll look into it