Creating an Arduino Library

Hey, I'm attempting to map a remote control - eventually I want to make a universal remote for all my stuff.

I'm going through a few tutorials in an attempt to familiarize myself with what goes on and came across this: Its got some great stuff in it. However I come all unstuck when, near the end, they put all the IR signals into a library...

I've looked about but I cant figure out how to make a library. I have seen this: But it only confuses me...perhaps I need more coffee: its been one of those days...

Does anyone know of a "Creating Arduino libraries for dummies and really noo noobs"?

I had similar experience couple of month ago. :) You definitely need more coffee. Following and libraries people created before helped me.

By the way, do you know irremote library? seems similar to what you are trying to doing.

ARCFN Library is really working nice! Library that you can use but if you want to learn really the basic concepts make a new library of your own.

I have had a Heafty ,good experience in implementing and using the Arcfn,KEN SHIRRIF's IR Remote library.

The Developer is a Prestigious one with Experience in Companies like MICROSOFT and GOOGLE,He's presently working on ANDROID App's that all give's you a whole lot of Info. and FAITH in his Library.

I think I’m getting it now.
Fresh coffee in hand, I’ll knock over this tutorial and dive into Ken’s Library.

So much to learn…

Thanks again.