Creating an Arduino sketch operating on binary counter??

I have to creat an Arduino sketch that runs on a board that causes the five on-board LEDs to flash as follows: LED E (pin 13) is to flash once per second. LED D (pin 14) is to flash once every two seconds; LED C (pin 15) every four seconds; LED B (pin 16) every eight seconds; LED A (pin 17) every 16 seconds. I have to use the five int values respresenting the states of the five LEDs, and to change these five values so they operate as a binary counter which confuses me. This is what i have so far

int LED_E = 13; int val_E = 0;

void setup() { pinMode(LED_E, OUTPUT); }

void loop() { digitalWrite(LED_E, val_E); delay(1000); val_E = 1 - val_E; }

How do I go from there?

You forget the delay and look at the blink without delay sketch.

This is the wrong section, this section is for, as the title says:-

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This is not a problem about the arduino itself if is a programming question.