Creating an ECG signal

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I'm trying to create an ECG signal using arduino but I pretty new at this. I'm supposed to recreate a signal or voltage that's gonna be recieved by an actual ECG and it's going to have certain parameters which I'm gonna set myself but the question is, how do I send that voltage or data to the arduino? How can I program it?

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Well, you do not send a voltage to the Arduino if you want it to synthesise an ECG wave form.

Generally you make a numerical record of the waveform you wish to generate and store that record in the Arduino either in program memory, the EEPROM or a SD card in an adapter, and the Arduino successively reads out those data points to a PWM pin with a low-pass filter to smooth the PWM output.

And of course you program the Arduino with the Arduino IDE.

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Thank you so much Paul!
I'm currently working on everything you said! Lately I've been thinking about using the PWM to generate the ECG wave but didn't know how to work it out. Now I have some kind of guidance thanks to you!!

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