Creating an interactive audio book??

Hello everyone,
I have absolutely no background in software/hardware engineering, so I'm reaching out for information from others who are more knowledgeable in this area than myself, and I thought this forum may prove to be a viable option.

I'd like to create an interactive audio book for my daughter.
Meaning, I'd like to create a book; where-in, you plug in headphones, and different wav files are triggered as you turn each page.
My question would be: is there a circuit board that would fit within the hardcover of the book? What would the board consist of? Am I even using the correct terminology right now?
Basically, what would I need to do to get the motion of turning a page in a book to trigger an audio clip that's listenable through a headphone jack?

Any insight would be extremely helpful.


:o That sounds rather advanced for your 1st project. There are examples of simple MP3/WAV players. These all use an audio shield (an add-on board) and the Arduino only acts as a master-controller.

One of the smaller Arduino boards might fit into the thickness of a book's hardcover, but you'd have to check the dimensions. You'd also have to fit the audio board, a speaker, probably an amplifier board, and a battery.

Have you got any idea how you are going to detect the page-turning?

And, construction gets more difficult the smaller you try to make your project. Have you ever looked inside a cell phone or a digital watch? That kind of compact construction is almost impossible to do "at home". i.e. You can make a clock, but making a wristwatch is much-much more difficult...

Agreed, but I don't see that as a reason to not pursue it.

So something like this: Overview | Wave Shield | Adafruit Learning System ??

The page-turning detection is what I'm most at a loss for.

I'd rather discuss this under the hypothetical scenario that I do have the equipment to make a watch rather than a clock until I run into those issues. I'll keep that in mind though. I would like it to be relatively small.. just for aesthetic purposes I suppose.

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Agreed, but I don't see that as a reason to not pursue it.

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The page-turning detection is what I’m most at a loss for.

You might want to work on that first. For example, if you can figure-out how to turn-on an LED when you turn the page. Or, I assume you need to turn-on a particular LED when you turn to a particular page… That wouldn’t require a programmable microcontroller, just some kind of sensor that can turn-on an LED. Once you can sense a page being turned, you can connect the microcontroller and program it to take the appropriate action (like play a sound file).

You may have to invent something… There are various optical sensors, but I don’t know of any that are paper-thin. Maybe you can make something like a barcode reader??? Or, maybe something like a puch-card where the more pages that are turned, the more holes are covered-up???

So something like this: Overview | Wave Shield | Adafruit Learning System ??


Then read through the [u]Arduino Programming language Reference[/u] and work-through some of the basic [u]examples[/u] so you can understand how to program the Arduino and how to interface with it.

When it comes to programming, the two most important concepts are conditional execution (if-statements, etc.) and loops (doing something over-and-over, usually until some condition is met). Once you understand those concepts you can begin to understand how to develop a program that does what you want.

Agreed, but I don’t see that as a reason to not pursue it.

OK, but your daughter might be a year older by the time you learn enough electronics & programming and finish building this thing… :wink: My projects have been simpler than yours and they usually take me a few months (part-time). And, I have many years of electronics & programming experience… and an engineering degree… (But, I’m not an expert on the Arduino, nor am I an expert programmer.)