creating arduino clones


I need to create Arduino clones of two different board. One of them is Mega2560 and other one is DUE.

I have done similar things with UNO and MEGA2560 before. And used FTDI chip in UNO clone. About MEGA2560, I would like to know if I can use FTDI chip to upload my sketches directly to ATmega2530 chip considering the fact that all the FTDI connections are correct and the chip is pre-bootloaded with Arduino bootloader?

My concerns about DUE starts right from the bootloader. I know DUE uses cortex M3-32 bit MCU SAM3X8E, and as far as I remember, I read it somewhere, SAM3X8E on DUE uses its own sorta bootloader and doesn't need to have one to be burnt on it. Is that correct? apologies in advance if my question is wrong. But how do I get to copy the DUE bootloader into my clone then? Do I need to follow the routine procedures for it just like it is done for copying UNO, Mega bootloaders?

Thanks in advance

for Due I’m going through this:


My objective is to make a stand-alone DUE and get it integrated with other hardware I want to connect to it. Since due to limitations of form factor I can’t use the actual entire DUE into the system. rather I want to create a single PCB on which my SAM3X8E will sit and all other components I need on just one single PCB. Si there any way to accomplish this?

Or there’s no way to get it done?

Thanks in advance

They have done it at Copperhill Tech:

I know such a module from inhaos Durch R3 Core Für Arduino Kompatibel SAM3X8E 32bit ARM Cortex M3 Modul UC 2102 512 K 96 K RAM 12bit ADC 12bit DAC 84 MHz|core 2 due|core 2core m3 - AliExpress