Creating custom BLE services for use with Mega ADK and HM-10

I've scoured the inter-webs and can't seem to get consistent, up to date info on this. I have an Mega ADK and an HM-10 BLE module.

I need to create 3 custom services for servos, LEDs and MP3s. I have the HM-10 connect to the arduino and I can send it AT commands through the serial mon. I can also connect to the HM-10 from my mac or iphone.

My struggle lies in the creation of the services on the arduino side and then knowing how to write to it from a central device.

Once I have service/characteristic that I can write to, I'll be able to build off of that to finish the rest of the project but even after reading everything I could find on BLE and the HM-10, I'm still lost on where to start or what the right approach is.

There doesn't seem to be a library like curieBLE or something similar that works with the Mega ADK and the HM-10 but by all means if I'm wrong plz let me know)

Let me know if more info is needed and thanks for your help!