Creating files for a project

Does the new Arduino IDE allow you to create files within a project that will be visible to the project and easy to insert via #include?
If this feature already works, how do I get it? There is only a sketchbook.

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Hi @cevepe!


  1. Click the downward pointing triangle on the right side of the IDE's tab bar.
  2. From the dropdown menu, click "New Tab"
  3. In the "Name for new file" dialog that appears, add the name for the file you want to add. If you want to include it in your sketch via an #include directive, you must use the .h file extension (e.g., MyHeader.h) for the file. You also have the option of using .ino (Arduino Language files, the default), .cpp (C++ programming language files), .c (C programming language files), .S (assembly language files).
  4. Click the OK button

Make sure to use the double quotes syntax in your #include directives for files in your sketch. For example:

#include "MyHeader.h"

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