creating GUI computer-side interface via serial-how

i simply want a set of buttons on my laptop, or android tablet with USB connection(host), enything for a simple interface with buttons and serial.
i will use ney programming lang. C, java, GML(for a thing called game maker, but can make powerful apps too), even python, on simbian(nokia), android, windows, linux. either lang and OS combo will do. just tell me for witch one it is and the code needed to send serial data, and recieve it.

in order of preference:
Python/C (because i still need to get stuff to make that work, and thay only work in CMD prompt(as far as i know))


there must be a way!

there must be a way!

No, there isn’t a way. There are many ways.
Pick the one you are most familiar with.

Details.... maybe too many!... at...

Firmata looked nice, but how do you use it?
is the test.exe file supposed to be empty? i can connect to ports n stuff, but the window is just empty.

also, i whud like help on using one of those, this serial thing looks real hard.
why cant there just be a default command for interfacing with serial? WHYYY!

Out of boredom, you decided to write an OS. But, you don't even understand how to do serial output. Goodbye.