Creating Hard Copies of Arduino Prototype Processor?


I love Arduino and my research mates and I use it often to prototype lab equipment. We are interested in a low-cost, permanent solution to replicate the microprocessing functionality of our Arduino once we finish prototyping. That is, we develop a first generation implementation with the Arduino. Then we would like to purchase a dozen ICs with our processing code embedded so that we can replicate our system. What vendors provide this service? What is it even called?

Many thanks,
David Bernat

So you have a design based around arduino connected to some parts on an adjacent perfboard or similar and now you would like to turn that into a custom PCB and make a dozen copies?
A lot of us can do that for you. You can see designs I have done at Cross Roads Electronics
I can design the board so you can easily assemble it with thru hole components, or SMD if you have more soldering skill.
Bare boards are not expensive, and I can supply a PL for your to purchase.
Or I can build the boards for you.

If you're only talking a small quantity like a dozen, then just program the chips yourself.

Or I can build the boards for you.

You could do a lot worse than to have Crossroads do this for you! If the quantity is high, you can buy the CPUs programmed from Digikey. This adds a small cost to each CPU, but they come all programmed and you won't need a human to hook up a programmer and upload the app.