creating libary files *.cpp and *.hin the libary folder with in the ide

hi I am just starting out both programming c and the arduino and one of the examples im working through creates a library for the morse code generator. I created a new .ino file with the simple setup and loop sections then created separate *cpp and *h sketches in tabs but then when I tried to save them into the local sketchbook library folder I couldn't create the separate files it needs is there a simple way to do this or am I just missing something. sorry for the possibly simple question

If you close the ide, then look in your sketches folder (usually myDocuments/arduino) You'll find a folder with the same name as your .ino file, within that you'll find the .cpp and .h files you created.

You can move them from here to another directory within your libraries directory, But you would be wise to make sure the library .h filename is the same as the directory you create within your libraries directory to hold them.

thanks for the reply I thought it would be something simple