Creating multiple WiFi Classes in one sketch running in a MKR Wifi 1010

Hi am new to the MKR WiFi 1010 board and i have gotten past virtually all of the problems that most people are having like USB connections and connecting to the WiFi router. But i have encountered a set of weird interactions within my app. I have configured the sketch to server as a webhost and it serves up one of four pages, three are standard simple pages each with links to the other web pages. The fourth page displays a page not found error (404) message if an invalid page is requested. All of that works perfectly by itself. However the server just seems to shut down after a while. So i thought i would try sending out some pings to other web servers that i use for my businesses. This was to sort of always keep the web server busy. i send out a ping every n minutes to one of my three sites. I usually set the period to 10 minutes between pings which is controlled by the on-board RTC , round-robbining across 3 sites. This all works great by itself and i have watched it run for well over 24 hours without an issue. I also have error handling to re-try several times if a ping returns an error as defined in wl_types.h

But the problem that i am encountering is when i process a web request via the client class and send the appropriate headers and web page reply the next time the ping fires off a ping request to the remote serve and the reply comes back one of two things seems to happen. Either the board stops operating or the serial comm port dies or both of these conditions. The serial com port dying seems to happen it the ping returned an error such as "WL_PING_DEST_UNREACHABLE."

So i am wondering if the either the spdriver or the WiFi_Driver library routines are not handling these events correctly. So i was wondering is is possible to create a second class object in the sketch, say as variable like pingCls and then create a server that is based on that class implementation to provide some level of class independence? This would allow me to use the wifi class's "server" object for handling web request, and the pingCls's pingServer object for handling the pings,, ttl)

As of right now i have not been able to figure out how to declare the second class object (pingCls) correctly in the sketch. Any help and or thoughts will be greatly appreciated!!!!

the drv class communicates with the firmware in NINA module which handles the WiFi radio. you have only one WiFi radio.

Thanks and that makes sense, however that means that the driver software has problems in how it handles tasks, by not closing out transactions when one transaction is complete in preparation for a subsequent transaction!

i guess i am going to have to dive into what is causing that error!