Creating pressure controller for vacuum pump

Hi everyone,

I would like to build a controller for an homemade vacuum pump from fridge compressors for working with composites like carbon fibre.

I think I need at least an arduino (which one ?), a differential pressure sensor like MPXV7002DP which allows negative pressure and a relay.

I have no experience with arduino but I am ready to learn because that is an important project for me

I would like to set a target pressure to maintain the desired pressure and an hysteresis with buttons on a LCD screen (16x2 ?)

Do you thinks it is achievable

Thank in advance and sorry for my poor English


Sounds totally achievable.

Output Type: Analog Voltage

You would probably get better results with a digital interface like I2C or SPI. Reading an analog voltage is going to limit you to 10-bit resolution and the precision of the Arduino.

Operating Pressure: ±0.29 PSI (±2 kPa)

That is much less than atmospheric pressure. I would think you would want a vacuum gage to go down to -14.5 PSI/-1 Bar/-100 kPa. How about this one?