Creating setup Software for arduino based prototype of a product

Hello guys.
I’m doing a prototype of a smart object that uses a Wifly Shield.
I need to create a “Setup Software” so that when I show the prototype to the teachers ( It’s for an MA final project) I can Set it up into the network. Basically what I need to do is alter the file of the credentials.h to put the ssid and password of the network the object is going to connect and then when people hit the ok button it would upload into the arduino just like the IDE does.
Does anyone have any idea how can I make this?
Thanks in advanced.

Does anyone have any idea how can I make this?

Your story is incomplete at best, I dont understand it.

I guess you want to upload a sketch over a wifly shield??

Can you post the code you have so far? e.g. the credentials.h file (is that part of the wifly shield?) ?

If you use the IDE and you hold the shift key when uploading code you see all the commands needed. Maybe that helps ....


Sorry if I didn't explain it right. Basically I want to do an application that inputs the sketch into the arduino ( just like the IDE does) where people have the option to write they're passwords and choose their wifi network. This will be done by usb!

In short, it's almost like creating a mask to put on top of the IDE with the options of changing those variables on the credentials.h

Hope this is more clear

So you could use the IDE configured to use an external editor under file-> config ?

I guess so. Thanks, I'll look into that possibility!