Creating Soundboard with mp3/wave files in Processing

Hi Everyone!

I am working on a class project for school and my group and I decided to build a soundboard with buttons.

The sound board will have 4 buttons and once pressed will produce 4 different sounds. We want a library were you can choose between four different types of music and play them. In processing we used if statements to try it out for example

void keyPressed().{ if ((key == 'o') || (key == 'O')) {; } }

We have the same statement with different variable names that play everysound once that specific key is pressed. Now we want to change it to the buttons on Arduino, but we are at a lost.

If someone can give us some guidance or how it will be done?

Thanks! I started started learning arduino two weeks ago, and took a crash course in processing in 4 weeks! So I am still rusty.

Try some of the Button tutorials on the learning page

You can use a button press to play a tone or melody.

Or get fancier and get a sound module
and when a button is pressed, send a command to the sound module to play a music file.

Playing a pre recorded sound on an Arduino requires a shield like this one.

You can also play tones.