creating sounds with the data from arduino

Hello mates,

I am trying to build this little machine, which you use with your hands, collects distance data with two ultrasonic sensors and then converts them into tunes and frequencies.

One hand on one sensor controls the pitch, the other controls the freq. so you can make some sounds and play with it.

I could write the code on arduino, i receive the two seperate data on my serial monitor shown on the pic1.

Now what i need to do is first figure out the communicate between arduino and processing and then give some values of tune to the values of distance. can someone help me figure out how to bind these together?

my code on arduino is attached.

distance.ino (1.17 KB)

The serial input basics thread will help with the serial communication.

thanks dude, on it.

hey man, try and find the dvha connecter, this helps and works well with the sensors for a quicker time of delay etc.