Creating static on 8ohm hobby speakers.

Hey everyone,

I'm working on a side project, and I want to generate a static and crackling sound on my hobby speakers. I've noticed that if I connect the positive wire from four AA batteries to the back of the speaker, and then slide the negative wire back and forth across the other lead on the speaker, I get exactly the sound I want.

My question is, can anyone suggest a component I could use to simulate the same motion, or another inexpensive way of doing this? The entire thing is for a costume, so it needs to be compact and lightweight.

Thanks for your help. :)


You could use a servo to stroke the wire from your battery pack back and forth across the other lead on the speaker.

Wouldn't I need something to control the servo's movement though? If I just connected a wirebrush to a dc motor, and allowed that to bridge the gap, would that work too?

Find an old portable radio receiver with an integrated speaker and do not tune it to any station and bring up the volume :)

found this on white noise...

Thanks everyone - these ideas are helpful.

found this on white noise...

Thanks Jeff - I listened to a sample of what that device produces, and it's not quite the sound I want to generate. I need more crackling and popping than white noise. I'm going to give this wire brush thing a try, and see if that works. If not, it's back to the holographic drawing board....


I would probably recommend a LW radio receiver and a low quality audio amplifier chip.

LW should give the sounds you are looking for ;)

Maybe you could get a free sample of something like this: