Creature Apparat, feedback

Hi there!

I'm looking for feedback on and support for my project:

Creature Apparat is the social network for robots, websites, processing sketches or an interactive installations. I will initially provide a basic set of tools to augment your project with social intelligence. Many projects are using artificial intelligence in isolation. I'm trying a different approach, focusing on the social interactions between apparats in order to create a more complex and organic artificial intelligence.

At the moment the project is closed but I would like to open it up for everyone. I need some support both for a secure and fast server as feedback on the project itself.

You can check my fundraiser and a more detailed explanation here:

If you want to be informed when the site opens up, you can pre register here:

Any critical comments and suggestions are welcome!
Thank you,


I'm still open for any feedback or suggestions!
Preregistration is still possible at

Are you familiar with roboearth initiative - -

Hi Rob!

No I am not thanks for the link. That is a very interesting project!
I'm looking further into it.

At first glance I think project scope is different though. Roboearth seems to go for a network. I'm going for a social based network.

Still you might learn from each other ...

Very true! Thanks for the hint again!

I should try contacting them.