Crepuscular Life for TouchShield: Game of Life Sim

Crepuscular Life is an interactive Conway's Life simulator for the Diecimila + TouchShield:

It runs at full resolution (128x128) at about 4-5 fps.

Interactive controls:

  • Tapping once on the screen will spawn a glider at the tap location.
  • Double-tapping will spawn 10 gliders at random locations.
  • Triple-tapping will clear the screen.

The software project for the Arduino IDE can be downloaded here:

Arduino Diecimila
Arduino IDE Software 0011
TouchShield Classic or Stealth:
Touch Core SDK 7:

(The Touch Core SDK is installed into the Arduino IDE by copying the 'touch' folder into the IDE's hardware/cores folder and overwriting hardware/boards.txt with the SDK's version. For more info: Antipasto Hardware Blog: TouchShield: up and running in 5 minutes )

Video: Crepuscular Life for TouchShield - YouTube