Critiques of my software?

Hello all! I’m currently building a humanoid robot as my first project and one of its functions will be to detect temperature,and, if the temperature is above a certain threshold, it will generate a response by moving a servo. Any critiques of my code would be greatly appreciated! While answering please keep in mind that, while I have about 6 months experience in C++, I only have about 3 weeks experience in Arduino. All help is greatly appreciated!

EDIT: Also, I’ve seen two methods of moving servos: simply using the write function, and also using a for loop to cause the servo to go though every degree of rotation. Which is more efficient? Is the second method simply more work than necessary?

#include <Servo.h>

bool command_given = false; 

Servo hobbyServo1; // initialize our servos 

Servo hobbyServo2;

String commandprompt = "Please enter a command : ";

void setup() {
  Serial.begin(9600); // Establish a com with the computer serial so that the analog output can be measured.
  hobbyServo1.attach(10); // Attach the servos to a pin 
  hobbyServo1.write(1); // Set the initial position of the servos 

void loop() {
  int sensor = analogRead(A0);          // Attach the sensor to analog 0 
  float voltage = sensor * 5 / 1023;    
  float temp = voltage * 100;           // For all LM35DZ sensors, 10mV = 1 degree Celcius
  if (temp > 80) {
   //execute servo movement: Servo 1 will move the sensor arm UP 179 degrees, Servo 2 will move the torso away from the stimulus and then Servo 1 will move DOWN 179 to its original position. 
     hobbyServo1.write(179); // Send hobbyServo to 179 degrees
   //Reset hobbyServo2 to its default position via user input. I'm not using a delay because I will be presenting this robot and this will give me time to explain and then remove the stimulus.
    while (command_given = false) {
       while (Serial.available() <= 0){
        // Wait for the user to input a command in the Serial moniter
      char command =;
      if (command == 1) { 
        Serial.println("You entered command [1]: RESET ");
        //Reset hobbyServo 2
          command_given = true;

If you want to build anything other than a short demo program you will have to get rid of all the delay()s because the Arduino can do nothing else during the period of the delay. Look at how millis() is used for timing in several things at a time.

Planning and implementing a program may also give you some ideas aout how to organize your programs so that they are easy to test and to debug.