Crius MultiWii SE 2.6 Sensor Communication

Hi all,

for my current project I need 9DOF and a Microcontroller in a small form factor. Thinking I was smart I started looking at low cost flight controllers as they have everything on board, in a reasonably sized package.

I went for the Crius MultiWii SE 2.6 which features the following sensors:

MPU6050 - Gyro & Accelerometer Combo
HMC5883l - Digital Compass
BMP085 - Digital Barometer

As far as I understand the Aux Lines of the MPU6050 are not used on this board and everything should be on the same I2C Bus.

I can always communicate with the MPU6050 and I don’t really need the Barometer. The problem lies with the HMC.

Running a I2C scanner I cannot find the HMC, only the MPU and BMP.

I can only interact with the Magnetometer a short time after flashing the MultiWii firmware.

The address of the HMC becomes visible then and I can actually read sensor data.

I have already tried to copy out the relevant code from the MutiWii Firmware Ver. 2.41 but to no avail.

My current test code is as follows:

Thanks for your time!

Ok. My bad. I did not realize that I had to manually disable the Masterfuntion of the MPU6050 and enable I2C Bypass mode.

Problem solved.