Cross Platform GUI "Program" Updater Utility

Hi All,

I wasn’t sure where to ask this question so let me know if i should move it.

I want to write a cross platform GUI “Program” Updater for Arduino boards.
i haven’t the slightest clue where to start. if somebody is willing to help me with the steps and procedures of accomplishing this task i am willing to share the end result with the group. the developer environment i use can control the terminal on the mac and the command line on windows.
the idea would be to compile your sketch into some non editable file and then send this file along with the GUI Updater application to the end user and have them update the program on the board. this would of course save a lot time and money wasted shipping boards back and forth.

let me know what you guys think

Thanks in advance

Jeff O’Brien

The Arduino IDE uses AVRDUDE under the hood for doing this.

You can really just run AVRDUDE from the commandline with the correct set of parameters (pain in the neck to make) to achieve what you want.

So if you can make a smarter frontend for AVRDUDE that is cross platform you got what you want.

someone as a gui for avrdude :-

Look at

needs to have a mac gui as well

I have heard in the past that it is a pain to do, but it’s doable. i need some help in finding all the steps and procedures so i can write a gui for it. can you point me in the right direction for steps/procedures



I have 0 experience in that area.

But i think you can somehow make arudino show you exactly how it does. Maybe someone else can chip in here ?