Cross soldered pins

Hello All
I have a Duemilanova and am having trouble getting the sketch to upload to the board. I did some searching on line and found a post by a guy that had the same problem. He had cross soldered pins. Well I checked my board and I do also. I am attaching an image file that shows the problem. What do you suggest I do about fixing this? My first thought was use an exacto knife to cut the solder out. But others might have a better idea. Using desoldering braid might work but I fear desoldering more then I want to. So what would you suggest?


While this looks like a problem it is not. Those two pins are supposed to be joined, it is just the same on my Mega and it doesn't affect the loading. You will have to look elsewhere for your problem.

I'm not sure that is your problem - I have a bridge on those pins on both of my Duemilanove boards and they work fine.

Pins 25 and 26 are both connected to ground, so a bridge there doesn't matter.

Well the problem that got me looking at this was serial port was grayed out in the IDE. If you go to Tools->Serial Port it was grayed out on my IDE. I did some digging and found two possible reasons for this/ One was cross soldered pins. The other is I needed to be a member of the dialout group. And I had both problems. Becoming a member of a group, I'm on Debian Linux, is simple. But I wasn't sure about the pin problem. So I posted and found the answer. Thank you all.