Crossed Signals in Rover Controls

I've encountered a problem in Section 5.2 Open loop control of Rover:
When I "Deploy to Hardware" and then run the rover on the floor it first does a turn to the left and then a straight line motion. I opened the v and w Signal Builders and they are as described in the instructions, so it should go straight and then turn left. So then I made a change in each of the two signal graphs and reDeployed to Hardware. The changes I made in the v signal showed up in the w behavior and vice versa.My knowledge of matrix algebra is slight so I cannot check the correctness of the matrix expression inside the "convertToWheelVel" subsystem but other than that I don't know where to look for the source of the problem. Can anyone offer some help, please.

It has occurred to me that if one of the motors was turning in the wrong sense then that would explain the behavior that I wrote about in my post above. I re-watched the assembly video and sure enough, the red and black power wires for each motor are shown as reversed with respect to the other. I exchanged the connection points of the red and black wires of the left motor and all is well. Sorry, my bad!