Cruise control button gesture processor

I have in my old truck's future the idea of power window for the passenger side. I have such a strong passion for rolling the windows down while I drive, if it's not too hot. And it rains a lot here. So when it starts raining, I need to pull over in a parking lot, put the truck in park, and scoot way across the truck and roll up that window. So, when I add the power windows, I will want to add a controller. I'm not too much into the idea of mounting typical power window buttons, I just don't like the look. So, I got a cruise control stalk. They reproduce these now, but I got an old used one off eBay.

Now I am working on the idea of using that button to roll the window up and down, and I've also considered hiding my garage door remote and operate it via a relay, and perhaps temporarily turning on windshield wipers (mist control), and perhaps one day in the future install cruise control. Do all those things and more with one button.

The code:

Demo video of the code:

My initial thoughts are the cruise control pass through as described in the program is likely to work fine. That is a slow press followed by slow release, and is sent to the cruise control as a fast press followed by finger controlled slow release. Then the next most frequent thing I would do is rolling that passenger window up and down. So I would probably do that with a fast press to start the window moving, and release the button to stop the window rolling. I will program it so every time I operate the window it would move in the opposite direction compared to the previous movement. Quick press and release can do the garage door remote.

It's a work in progress. Fun.

The stalk