crystal part number from mouser?

Feeling overwhelmed by the crystal choices on mouser that meet the criteria of 16.000MHz 50ppm and 18pF load capacitance.

I would like to find a smd and a throughole version.

Can anyone help me with a part number?

e.g. ABLS-16.000MHZ-B2-T does this work?


no one has an answer for this???

I've used 815-ABL-16-B2 from Mouser with good results. Sorry, can't help on the smd version.

I use the Abracon ABM7-16.000MHZ-D2Y-T although admittedly I bought it from Digikey. I love Mouser too and get ground shipping from them the next day.

Your SMD crystal is a little larger but should work just fine.

-- Mike