Crystal vs resonator

Hello, I’m setting up a program to display temperature to a LCD, compare the displayed temperature to a value set by a pot, then turn a digital I/O OFF or ON depending on temperature… temperature controller for a laminator.

My question, is there any reason to use a 16mhz crystal vs a 16 mhz resonator on a board for this controller? I have developed the sketch on the Arduino m168 chip, but will etch a PCB for the circuit. a resonator is a tad less expensive than a crystal.

Thanks to all for any help and suggestions.

Ken H.

People seem to think that crystals are more reliable, and are more accurate, whereas resonators are just the cheap and dirty version because they don’t require external capacitors.

Personally, I have no idea. I’ve never compared them enough to see any difference.

Aaahh, are you saying you’ve ran both types and can’t see any difference? OR are you saying you’ve never tried both?

Please be gentle, I’m very much a newbie in both uC and electronics.

Ken H>

I’m saying I’ve used both, but never knew enough to even think about comparing. To my (then and now) nooby observations, there wasn’t a difference. I’m sure there is a difference, but I just never thought to check for one. ;D

I’ve used both and for your application either would work fine. A crystal will have better frequency accuracy specs then the ceramic resonator, however the resonator is probably a little more rugged if physical abuse is possible.


OK, now I understand TchncIF - and that is what I felt you were saying, just wished to be sure.

Lefty, thank you for the comment - I was thinking there were no serious timing issues with this circuit, and it was my understanding the crystal is only needed when there is serious timing concerns. I had not thought about the more rugged aspect of the resonator.

I’ll use a resonator for this next PCB - got both crystals and resonators, but might as well use the cheap one and save a few pennies.

Thanks again for the help and guidance.

Ken H.