CS5460 arduino interfacing with SPI

Hey guys i am making a digital weighing scale CS5460 it uses the IC CS5460 as the main processing unit. CS5460 has SPI interfacing. The circuit is already present but the microcontroller used is 89C52 or nouvoton. I want it to be interfaced with arduino and transfer the data to PC using serial communication.

I tried interfacing it using SPI communication but it is not returning any data. It seems that it is not working at all.

Guys please help me out to interface with arduino. The circuit diagram and the datasheet is attached .

CS5460A_F5.pdf (404 KB)

circuit diagram.jpg

How did you connect it to the Arduino? what Arduino are you using? Where is the sketch you used for your SPI communication tests?

Respond to pylon's questions, then mine.

Is the CS line connected to ground? The datasheet implies the SPI timing is dependent on the CS line going LOW, then HIGH.
See page 10 here

Thank you SurferTim I checked the Signals I don't get any Signal from Slave Out
CS is Permanent LOW.
That is how it is thank you

Hey, ats3788.
Did you solve the problem?
I have the same IC CS5460 and I cant interface it with arduino.
Can you help me?