CST-100 Connectors--how to connectorize

With connectors like these: http://www.digikey.com/product-search/en?mpart=1375820-4&vendor=17 How do I connect the wire to this? I have to push it in, it looks like. Do I need a special crimper, or a tip on the wire?

The drawing/datasheet says it uses [u]1375819[/u] crimp terminals. I didn't research the crimper, but the proper manufacturer-supplied hand-crimper is typically a couple hundred dollars! I've had mixed results with a generic crimper, and I often end-up soldering.

After crimping/soldering, yes, you simply push-in the terminal. If you need to remove the terminal from the housing, I think there is a little tab you can push-in with an X-Acto knife or ice pick, etc. But, some of these "Molex type" connectors require a special removal tool (which is not super expensive like the crimper).

These are small enough you can use a long needle pliers to crimp these.
For speed and dependability, a crimper is recommended.

These look just like standard 0.1" pitch connectors. TE Connectivity seems more expensive than Molex (and Molex clones). I’d suggest finding an equivalent Molex connector. I’ve bought Molex (or Molex clone) crimpers for $40 or less. Can’t remember where.

I'm gonna try it with just regular pliers for now. I sure don't want to spend $$$ on a stoopid pair of crimpers