CT Sensor Response

I’m trying to use my Arduino as a data logger to measure appliance power. To do this I used a CT Sensor and wired it as shown in attachment (arduino ac current input A). When I ran it and hooked the CT Sensor up to the hot wire of a Cuisinart girddler I got a sawtooth response shown in the other attachment (griddler_response).

Anyone know why it’s a sawtooth? I was expecting more of a Sine wave.

A graph with an unlabeled axis is nearly useless. What is the horizontal time scale?

If the griddle has a temperature control, the waveform could be quite complex. Use a room heater or high wattage lamp as a load instead.

apologies, I got the graph by using Serial.println(voltage). The x-axis is time or bits which were set at 9600/s, y-axis is the analogue input to A0 (arduino input on the image) which was a voltage.

Temperature control, very interesting, that could also explain why I saw the wavelength of the sawtooth change after a certain period of time running the griddler.

The sawtooth appearance is likely the hysteresis of the temperature controlling circuit.