CTC 101 Arduino problems

I purchased 2 Creative Technologies in the Classroom (CTC) 101 kits in October 2019 for $2100 each. After some troubleshooting and learning we have been happy with the kits and online modules. During Module 4, Robots, we noticed some of the diagrams and the wiring for the servo motors are not the same. During Module 4, when we hooked the battery packs up to the projects, we fried 3 boards. I assured the kids, it is ok, we are all learning. But when I went to find replacement boards it appears the 101 boards where discontinued in 2017.

The boards being discontinued in 2017 but still sold in their education kits in late 2019 is very disheartening. It does allow for learning, mistakes, or expanding our kits. I purchased the kits because it was advertised as "the flagship Arduino educational program for schools." What can the company do to find me a replacement for my boards? While I wait on their response, does anyone else have a suggestion?

*Side note, I had to order the kits from Pitsco because Arduino did not have a phone number and their customer service was not helpful in giving us the information our county requires to make them a approved vendor. This seems to be an ongoing problem according to other teacher blogs.