CTE 70 - Scrolling

I have had a good deal of success with CTE70 and CPLD 7" LCDs on Megas and Dues. All projects have used UTFT and associated touch libraries.

My new project though would benefit greatly with the use of scrolling. I added too the UTFT libraries functions to support the set_scroll_area and set_scroll_start. However I can’t get the scroll functions to work. Googled several examples and what was setup was basically the same thing I implemented. Also tried different settings in set_address_mode to no avail.

Has anyone played with this or have any suggestions?

The changes to the libraries were fairly straightforward using exist LCD functions:

void UTFT::setScrollArea( int16_t fixedTop, int16_t scrollAreaSize, int16_t fixedBottom ) {

LCD_Write_COM( 0x33 );
LCD_Write_DATA( fixedTop >> 8, fixedTop );
LCD_Write_DATA( scrollAreaSize >> 8, scrollAreaSize );
LCD_Write_DATA( fixedBottom >> 8, fixedBottom );

void UTFT::startScroll( int16_t line ) {
LCD_Write_COM( 0x37 );
LCD_Write_DATA( line >> 8, line );

The application calls setScrollArea(0, 480, 0) and the startScroll is

for ( int y = 0; y < 480; y++ ) {
myGLCD.startScroll(y );

This was tried on an a Due and Mega with “UTFT myGLCD( CTE70, 38, 39, 40, 41 )”