CTE Shield, 7 Inch TFT, Fonts and SD Card probs

i have an 7 Inch Touch TFT, and the CTE shield here,
Hennings library works fine so far, except all stuff related to Fonts or the SD Card. I also tried DUEGUI Library, which simply merges the CTE lib and Hennings. All is fine except all stuff related to fonts or SD-Card.
All demos compile fine, but all stuff related to fonts or SD just give me some scrolling lines on the TFT.
All stuff manualy done is fine, as long no fonts or SD stuff is used.
Some idea what might be the problem?
Attached my little project with Pollins DCF. Commented stuff are simple experiments, which I disabled later.

sketch_oct12a.zip (35.9 KB)

I modified the UTFT, UTFT_CTE, and UTouch libraries and included in my Sketch variations of the CTE demo and the Karlsen demo, which now works with the CTE display shield and the CTE32HR, CTE35, CTE40, CTE50, and CTE70, just changing one line in my Sketch to indicate the chosen display.

In the Sketch, I have included some support for touch buttons, checkbox, radio Buttons, data-entry and display boxes, and progress bars (horizontal), all in Landscape orientation of the display.

I could share my Sketch and the modified libraries if you wish. I am happy to share my work if it is OK with CTE and Karlsen.

How best to proceed?

hey, i have the same problem with CTE70 and inch TFT for the SD Card, where can i found some information for use the SD?