Cu Head and Cisco AP

Hi All,

I've a CuHead/Linksprite wifi shield on an Uno,

I been testing with the Sample codes (once I found the v1.2 libraries). but I can't get it to connect to my Cisco 887

I've removed .n and just had the cisco running 1 and 2mps, I don't see any attempt in the cisco debug to connect.

I dug out a netgear AP, and it connected first time.... so the shileld works as I've got it hitting apache here in the house with a get etc.

Is there anything special one has to do on the cisco to allow this shield to connect?


Have you tried to turn off all the encryption stuff and other security features of your Cisco AP? If it works then turn on one service at a time and check the configuration of the service that breaks connectivity.

yes, I have, I was running one node as open with a simple upper case SSID


Qute frankly, I would put that WiFi shiled into the recycling bin.
The design of this shield is many years old and uses an embedded TCP stack that is not trivial to handle. I'fe tried this shiled almost 3 years ago and while I fibnally got it to connect, and send UDP packages, I ran into one obstacle after another.

In the meantime I have foud the most reliable solution is an Ethernet Shield comnnected to a WiFi ppocket route such as the TP-Link TL WR703n (or 702 or 3020).
If it needs to be physically smaller then use a Teensy ( connected to a WIZ820io.

Other than that a CC3000 perhas from Adafruit may do the job and is better software supported.