Cub Master needs help with Pinewood derby car

All, So I have been acquiring pieces for the last 4 years and its finally time to build my ducted fan pinewood derby car to show my cub scouts. I have the ducted fan and the ESC and an arduino pro-mini. I can get the fan to spin so I know I have everything hooked up but now I need to write a sketch and have run out of time to learn how to do it....

What I want to do is when I plug the battery I need to arm the ESC using the servo.h and send a servo angle of 20 to the ESC. then I will load the car onto the track which will depress a switch. I want to then arm the car by pushing a button, at this point I would like to light an LED to show the car is armed. When the start gate opens the switch will open and I ant to send an angle of between 50-180 to the ESC to fire the fan and keep it on for 2 seconds then stop. I will then want to be able to repeat the switch button combo for another race.

so it would be: Turn on arm ESC (send servo angle of 20) Depress switch Press button to arm car (light LED) Switch opens Send angle of 50 to 180 (I can change with testing will be a set value) for 2 seconds Stop fan Repeat as needed. Is this possible? Thanks in advance Will post video if I get it to work

Yes this is possible. An Arduino is even an appropriate microcontroller to do this. It seems like you have the basic logic flow of the program worked out. If you run into problems with the code, make sure you use [ code ] tags when you post the (entire) code here.