CuHead WiFi Shield v2.0 with Arduino Uno

Has anybody determined how fix the random crashing when using Linksprite CuHead WiFi shield (V2.0) with the Arduino Uno?

This issue is well documented (see here for example: A few answers all along the same lines, as stated here:

However, this fix does not work for me. I am unable to utilize the WiServer.h portion of the library. I need to be able to read the state of a couple switches, and report the result on a simple webpage (hopefully hosted on the Arduino). The only way I know how to do that is with print statements that write out the HTML code. I don't know how to do this with the WiShield.h library and creating a webpage that resides in EEPROM memory (as in examples provided in the library).

So, I either need to understand how to fix the random crashing issue, or how to write the HTML code (by using the WiShield.h library) so that it can be updated.

Has anybody figured this out???