Curious About Computer Requirements


I am interested in building a MIDI controller, but want to be able to do it completely free of a computer. Is it possible to build a MIDI controller with Arduino, programming and set up, without in any way connecting to a computer?

Damon †

Could be a little difficult to compile the program for it without being connected.
If you had the program already, could download the .hex file to a standalone programmer to put it on the chip.
The design you could do with pencil & paper.

Example of one model programming an Uno from battery power.

Man, that seems way over my head. I envy you for understanding that. But I will check out your page in the off chance I can miraculously apprehend it.

Damon †

Maybe there is something here for you:

Try and rephrase your original question, it makes little sense as it stands. You seem to want to build something without using a computer. Where as it seems to me that you want to build something that when you have finished it will not use a computer. Two totally different requirements.