Curious about kicad footprints

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I got a bag of these canon 6mm steppers ages ago. I was going to play around with them, and use them as an excuse to learn kicad...specifically design a board that has 4 or 8 of them mounted, with 4 (or 81) of the bridges ICs, and maybe mount a microcontroller module with a lot of pins to drive them.

I started by replicating the schematic @MarkT did. It looks a little different in modern KiCad, but that's fine. However, I've no idea where the footprint for the stepper motor came from. I assume it's not standard. Are there tools for drawing them, or are they hand assembled ?

You can create the PCB footprint in Kicad

Huh. That was .. a lot easier than I expected :slight_smile:

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