Curious to get your thoughts on Wearable glove we made for our daughters costume

We decided on developing a POWER GLOVE using the Arduino mini pro, a neopixel ring, a flex sensor, a little engineering and some programming to make this glove - which coincidentally can be used for an Iron Man costume. Curious to get your thought on it and maybe some suggestions on how to make it better.

One of the challenges we had was with soldering - maybe we were using to thick solder?
Another, drawing the schematic… Any suggestion there? We did use Fritzing - though we found it hard to find the right libraries.

The making of the power glove - would love your feedback.

My son and I have been in and out of Arduino projects -though this year I am hoping to help him with a few new things he wants to work on.

Had a look at the video... yeh, neat!

Soldering... in the little clip you weren't holding the iron on the joint long enough. Have a look for some 'How to Solder' videos. Basically it's: clean the tip, iron on the joint, warm it up, add solder - which should flow around the joint, remove iron. Easier said than done. Still, you got it to work ok.

Schematics... there's different opinions on Fritzing, it seems to be just a picture of wiring rather than a proper circuit diagram. Don't get too hung up on it, if some software doesn't do what you want - just draw it on paper and label all your connections !!!

Suggestions... this is going to be a BIG leap for you, but I'm working on a Dr.Who Sonic Screwdriver which uses a FLORA 9dof accelerometer so it does different things when you wave it about. With one of those you could make the glove show different things depending on the angle of your hand - now that's be cool ! However, it is very tricky - but it's something to dream about :slight_smile: