Current consumption of PCF8583


I have a battery based application (coin cell) using PCF8583 for time management. Can somebody pls let me know current consumption of PCF8583 when used as
a) even counter for counting external pulses
b) alarm clock that wakes up the mcu

I am not sure whether the datasheet mentions these values.

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Wonderful IOT

Did you look at the datasheet? You could have at least provided a link to it.

Have a look, the datasheet is not very long. Make sure you read all the notes. You will see the current depends on the supply voltage and the input frequency in counter mode.

Because datasheets cannot cover all corner cases you have to work with the given values and add or subtract a bit when your conditions are different.

If you read the NXP data sheet it will tell you IDD supply current - 50 mA maximum. Figure 21 on the NXP data sheet will answer your question.

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