current limiter


Can anyone help to point me in the right direction on a current limiter? I have a motor that draws max 0.6A and 12V I plan to use the TB6612FNG chip. But how can I make sure that the motor does not pull more than 0.6a? Can I maybe use a transistor and give the arduino an input to stop the PWM signal to the driver since it is currenly then is overloaded..?

Either the motor draws a max of 0.6A or it doesn't. If it draws more routinely, you need a stronger driver, otherwise the TB6612 is adequate.

BTW the chip is rated for 1.6A peak per channel and has thermal shutdown - ie it should protect itself. Its
like the engineers that designed it were thinking about these issues for you!

Yes, but I am guessing that if you jam it it may pull more.. And then it would be bad if I destroy the IC... Was hoping to make a circuit to limit it..

But I did not know it had an thermal shutdown, that is great! Thank you for telling me that :slight_smile:

Ted; Thank you for link. It seems I don't need it right now, but will read it til next project!