Current measurement from Solar Panels

Friends i need to measure Dc current from solar Panel Unit rated at 48V,8A using arduino and then transmit it to a location about 50m away wirelessly using Arduino. Please guide me in this.. Do one needs A hall sensor for this ..

Xbee isnt too over priced?

Regards, Rohit

You can probably find something cheaper than an Xbee such as a dedicated RF serial link tx/rx pair - or a cheap ISM transceiver pair (although 50m is perhaps a little ambitious for some. Possibly the ones used by Jeelabs might do - (they have Arduino-compatible modules)

For measuring the current (and voltage) there are various modules out there - for instance several different types here:

DC hall current sensor is what's required with 0-5 volts DC output such as a CSLA2C or similarfor direct feeding into the arduino.